Policy Directorate


This division ensures the implementation of a cohesive policy agenda for the Ministry. Each unit within the division works collaboratively to execute this responsibility. This division was instrumental in developing the DNA bill and the launching of the Unite for Change violence prevention initiative.

Crime Prevention and Community Safety Unit

Preventing crime is a key objective of the Ministry of National Security. This unit exists to ensure that this objective is being met and creates policies, programmes and strategies that will help to reduce crime and improve safety in communities. The unit also analyses and evaluates these programmes to measure their effectiveness and advance efficacy.


Protective Security Unit

Ensuring safer borders is a core part of the Ministry’s mandate. This unit handles all applications for permits relating to restricted and banned items and entry of non-commercial vessels into Jamaica’s waters. As part of the policy development agenda, the unit formulates policy regarding drugs, small arms, human trafficking, border security, port security and aerodrome/airport security. Additionally, this unit coordinates the security vetting procedures for all employees within the Ministry. 


Research and Evaluation Unit

In order to ensure that the policies and programmes developed support the Ministry’s mandate, this unit provides evidence-based, research support for the Ministry’s policies, programmes and activities. The unit also houses the Jamaica Crime Observatory Integrated Crime and Violence Information System (JCO-ICVIS), which is an instrument that brings together all primary data sources to improve the quality of crime and violence statistics.


Offender Management Unit

Creating a safe and secure Jamaica involves reducing the rate of recidivism. The Offender Management Unit works in tandem with the Department of Correctional Services to construct, manage and implement policies which provide safe custodial care for offenders and enhance the rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders into society.  The unit also provides guidance to the Minister and conducts periodic evaluations of its programmes.


Border Security and Control Unit

The Border Security Unit manages and oversees all policies, programmes and activities that impact on the control of security measures for our Jamaican borders.  It provides policy direction and assessments and facilitates the implementation of activities at the national level.


International Security Relations Unit

Security issues within the Ministry may have an international, regional and transnational reach. This unit ensures the Ministry's, and by extension, Jamaica's full cooperation, coordination and collaboration with international, regional and bilateral partners.


Organized Crime and Defence Unit

Issues such as small arms, human trafficking can negatively impact Jamaica’s national security agenda. This unit therefore, provides the Ministry with policy guidance and support in terms of managing decisions, issues and activities around regional and international security.



The Legal Services Unit (LSU) leads in the development and implementation of the Ministry’s Legislative Agenda. The LSU oversees legal research activities to inform the development of policies, amendment and development of legislation. In addition, the Unit provides the Ministry, its Departments and Agencies with high quality legal advice on matters relating to national security, industrial relations  and guides the Ministry’s legal obligations in an array of initiatives and arrangements locally, regionally and internationally.



The main objective of this unit is to ensure that the planning and budgeting procedures collectively support the Ministry’s strategic objectives. The unit comprises the Corporate Planning, Finance and Budgeting Units. It is responsible for delivering, monitoring and evaluating the performance of the Ministry’s corporate and operational plans and budget.  The unit conducts regular monitoring of expenditures and income according to the plans and objectives against the resource capacity.



This division has the task of ensuring that specially funded projects by the Ministry, as well as multilaterals, are executed in timely fashion and meet the standards and objectives of the Ministry.



The Corporate Services Directorate is responsible for human resource functions within the Ministry, as well as, the implementation of systems and protocols that lead to greater compliance and cost reduction. Within this division are several units which contribute to the overall mandate of the Ministry.


Human Resource Management and Administration Unit

This unit facilitates effective manpower planning, recruitment and retention strategies in order to strengthen the Ministry’s capacity to achieve its objective. It also ensures that the requisite organizational changes are made to enhance the Ministry’s goals and to support the strategic objectives of the Ministry. It houses several other important units, which are responsible for Human Resource Development, Performance Management and Organisational Development, Industrial Relations, Office Services, Documentation & Information Services, Procurement and Transport Management.


Public Affairs and Communication Unit

Communicating the Ministry’s focus and objectives to the public and the media is the responsibility of this unit. This is done with a view to enhancing trust and cooperation from the public for national security issues facing the country.  The PAC Unit also manages a communication strategy that supports the Ministry’s policy areas as well as the Departments and Agencies and maintains all internal and external communication activities of the Ministry. The Unit is guided by the Government of Jamaica Communication Policy.


The Information Technology and Systems Unit (ITSU)

The Information Technology and Systems Unit (ITSU) provides technical support and service to all the departments and divisions of the Ministry. The ITSU also manages the Ministry’s internal information and communication system and network requirements by supporting the maintenance of efficient technological systems within and across the Ministry.  Adequate measures are employed to secure optimal information technology and systems efficiency within the Ministry while giving support to the wider portfolio.


Facilities and Property Management Unit

This unit is responsible for ensuring that buildings and facilities under the purview of the Ministry are properly administered and maintained to provide a suitable space for staff.



This unit determines the competence of the accounting and managerial systems of the Ministry and makes recommendations for improvement. The Unit also identifies risk management issues and develops audit standards for the Ministry.  Information and records generated are safeguarded and monitored during the audit process and measures are put in place to prevent errors or reduce waste where detected.



The Strategic Evaluation Centre provides the Ministry with strategic analysis and assessments on security threats that impact Jamaica and its interests. Such assessments and analyses seek to provide strategic reccommendations to inform policy decisions for the develoment of the country. This is achieved through collaborative efforts with internal and external stakeholders.