Policy Priorities

    1.1 Ministry’s Policy Priorities

    One of the Government’s priorities is the reduction of crime as a national imperative.  It states that the most urgent priority is to make the nation safe and secure.  Further, that the expected economic growth and job creation can only be achieved if there is drastic reduction in crime, and there is peace and order in the society.

    The Policy priorities therefore seek to:

    1. Strengthen the capability of the Police Force
    2. Improve the management and accountability of the JCF
    3. Transform political garrison
    4. Detect illegal weapons and ammunitions
    5. Build community support for law enforcement
    6. Transform prisons into rehabilitation centres and;
    7. Create and implement anti-gang legislation

    Desired Outcomes

    1. Communities that are fully integrated into mainstream society and conform to law and   order
    2. A low level of organised and transnational crime
    3. A low level of youth involvement in crime
    4. A low level of Gender-based and domestic violence
    5. A modern law enforcement system that effectively investigates crime, apprehends & brings offenders to justice

    1.2 Strategies

    • Citizen- Focused Service: Strengthening of the Framework of social intervention programmes through the integration of the Ministry’s Crime Prevention & Community Safety Strategy and the Community Renewal Programme (Citizens Security & Justice Programme).
    • Stewardship: Enhancing the Accountability Framework; improving linkages between Planning & Budgeting; Modernizing the Financial Management Systems and Improving institutional performance & evaluation.
    • Human Resources: Recruitment of 18 additional staff members to support Directorates of the Ministry of National Security; Increasing the skill levels of staff members by training 230 members of staff in selected areas of need that were identified via the use of information supplied by the Performance Management Appraisal System.
    • Information Systems & Technologies: Upgrade and Expansion of Technological Security Measures to help in crime fighting: expansion of CCTV Surveillance Systems to other areas including Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Clarendon, Mandeville and Kingston; Continued review of the Electronic Monitoring Pilot for offenders; Roll out of the Integrated Management Information Systems to share information between the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Jamaica Defence Force and the Department of Correctional Services; Maintenance of the Automated palm & Fingerprint ID System (AFIS); Implementation of Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVL).
    • Risk Management: Selected Directorates/Departments/Agencies to be audited based on priority ratings using the risk assessment method to reduce risk to the Ministry of National Security.
    • Accountability: Implementation of Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) and the Performance Monitoring & Evaluation System (PMES)
    • Policies & Programmes: The Research & Evaluation Unit was created as a part of the Ministry’s modernization exercise. It was intended to provide evaluation and research support for the Ministry’s Programmes and activities. It should inform the development and analysis of policies and programmes which support the Ministry’s primary objectives. At present the unit is staffed with five persons with planned increase of two persons for the financial year 2011/2012.
    • Other Management Strategies: Advancing the policy & legislative options to empower law enforcement agencies in effective crime fighting namely the Mandatory Registration of Subscriber Information, Organized Crime and Anti Gang Legislation, and the DNA Evidence Bill; Review of National Security Policy & Strategy; Continue modernization of the Ministry; Develop viable options for dealing with overcrowding in prisons  facilities namely building additional correctional facilities and or actively exploring prison privatization. Increase the capacity of the JCF by the continued upgrade and construction of police stations and the expansion of the Twickenham Park Training Institute Continue implementation the JCF Strategic Review;

    The Ministry of National Security implements its strategies through its various Departments/Agencies:

    • JamaicaConstabulary Force
    • JamaicaDefence Force
    • Department of Correctional Services
    • CaribbeanRegional Drug Law Enforcement Training Centre
    • Private Security Regulation Authority
    • Police Civilian Oversight Authority
    • Firearm Licensing Authority
    • Passport Immigration & Citizenship Agency

    Divisions/Directorates, that are also critical to the process, are grouped hereunder:

    • Policy: Crime Prevention & Community Safety; Protective Security; Research & Evaluation; Offender Management; Border Security & Control; International Relations; Organized Crime & Defence
    • Corporate Services: Human Resource Management & Administration, Information Technology; Public Affairs & Communication; Human Resource Development/Training; Procurement; Facility & Property Management; Documentation & Information
    • Internal Audit
    • Planning & Finance
    • Special Projects
    • Witness Protection
    • Strategic Evaluation Centre