Crime Prevention and Community Safety Programme Mapping

In December 2009, the Ministry of National Security (MNS) began the development with partners of a National Crime Prevention and Community Safety Strategy (NCPCSS).  This was part of the fulfilment of tasks outlined in the Medium Term Socio-Economic Policy Framework for 2009 – 2012 (MTF 2009 – 2012) of Vision 2030 regarding National Outcome – Security and Safety. Similarly, the Government of Jamaica (GoJ) mandated the formation of the Community Renewal Programme (CRP). The CRP provides a platform for the coordination and enhancement of the delivery of government and civil society services to 100 volatile and vulnerable communities in the five most crime-affected parishes in Kingston and St. Andrew, St. Catherine, St. James and Clarendon.


There is substantial common ground between the CRP and NCPCSS and a close operational partnership exist between the MNS and the CRP secretariat. Both the NCPCSS and the CRP propose a multi-sectoral, multi-stakeholder response to crime and violence; both set out a range of priority security and development interventions; both have a primary focus on youth; both emphasise the need to strengthen governance at the national, parish and community level; a large number of interventions are already underway by a range of GoJ and civil society actors in these communities. 


In order to help strengthen coordination, the GoJ (with assistance from UNDP) has mapped interventions in the five most crime-affected parishes to obtain a clear picture of the extent and placement by community of programme intervention. 


The main aim is to contribute to increased availability of reliable and timely data on crime and violence to inform policy and programming to advance the implementation of the NCPCSS and CRP. Additionally, the programme mapping serves to assist the MNS in the collection of data as to which government, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and civil society agencies are delivering particular social interventions to help reduce crime and violence and in which communities in an additional nine parishesfrom 2009 to present.

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