National Security Minister announces Medal of Appreciation for JCF members

National Security Minister, Hon. Robert Montague speaking at the Jamaica Police Federation Conference held at Iberostar Hotel and Resort

National Security Minister, Hon. Robert Montague has announced a Minister’s Medal of Appreciation for members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force who excel across three key areas; serving, protecting and reassuring.

He made the disclosure yesterday at the 74th Annual Jamaica Police Federation Conference being held at Iberostar Hotel Resort from May 10 – 11, 2017.

Minister Montague expressed his appreciation for the work of the JCF, “Your task is not an easy one, it calls for tremendous effort and great sacrifices. Every day and every night, seven days a week, twelve months a year, you put your lives on the line to serve, protect and reassure the citizens of this country. Today I announce two programmes; one will be the Minister’s Medal of Appreciation to be given in three categories – Community Service (to serve) Operations (to protect) and for non-Geographic (to reassure). The Medals will be gold, silver and bronze, one for each category,” said the Minister.

He said the nominees will be selected by the Police Federation through the Divisions, and vetted by a panel of retired Commissioners.

The second initiative of which the Minister spoke is a programme to repair police stations islandwide.

Under the programme, Two Hundred Thousand Jamaican Dollars will be allocated to each police station to assist with minor repairs.

“A programme must be written by the station head following a community meeting and approved by the Divisional Head and endorsed by the Parish Consultative Committee chaired by the Custos or the Police Civic Committee”, said Minister Montague.

The money must be used for minor repairs to bathrooms, kitchen, plumbing, electrical works painting or securing the station.

The National Security Minister also announced the provision of an additional sum of money for each police station, “Fifty thousand dollars will also be allocated to purchase something for the station, whether a computer, chairs, a television, desk, microwave or refrigerator.”

Minister Montague noted that the total cost will be Fifty Million Dollars, and urged the police personnel to ensure that the money is spent with businesses in the communities they serve in an effort to continue building better relationships.

In condemning the killing of police officers the National Security Minister emphasized that these criminals will be brought to justice, “Together as one, united, focused, we are going to hunt the criminals down. We must be relentless in going after them! So, if you shoot police, don’t sleep, we are coming. If you shoot people, run ‘weh’ but it is not going to help. We are going to find you. If you decide to be a thief, rapist or ‘gangsta’, decide to rot in jail,” Minister Montague reiterated.