Police Civilian Oversight Authority

The Police (Civilian Oversight) Authority was established in 2006. It operates as a mechanism, separate from the police force, to ensure accountability, adherence to policy guidelines and observance of proper policing standards by the police force. The PCOA is headed by CEO, Dave McIntosh.

The primary functions of the PCOA are to:

  1. Monitor the implementation of the policy relating to the police  force and auxiliaries
  2. Monitor the standard of performance of the force and auxiliaries to ensure that internationally accepted standards of policing are maintained, and to report thereon
  3. Conduct inspections of the police force and auxiliaries
  4. Monitor the management and use of the financial and other resources of the police force and the auxiliaries
  5. Perform such other functions as may be necessary for promoting the efficiency of the Force and Auxiliaries.

The Authority may, where it considers necessary, refer a matter to the Police Service Commission, the Minister, the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption and/or the Commissioner of Police.

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