Permanent Secretary - Ms. Dianne McIntosh


Ms. Dianne McIntosh has always led a life of dedicated service to the people of Jamaica. She began her career in education for special needs children then later became the Director General at the Ministry of Finance and Planning.

Her latest appointment is as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Security.  In this capacity, she has responsibility for managing the resources of the Ministry as well as its Policy and Legislative Agenda as part of ongoing efforts to enhance the safety and security of the citizenry. As Permanent Secretary, her primary function is to support the Minister in executing his responsibilities as a member of Cabinet.

Ms. McIntosh’s stellar record of over 30 years of diverse experience in the public, private and international arenas has established her reputation as a strategist, objective thinker and visionary leader. As evidence of the foregoing, while serving as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Security from 2010 to 2012, she managed the development of a National Crime Prevention Community Safety Strategy which continues to be a key component of the Ministry’s crime reduction mechanism. During her previous tenure, she also started the Metcalfe Programme geared towards transforming boys who had been remanded at the correctional facility.

In 2012, she transitioned to the Ministry of Finance & Planning where she served as Director General. During this period, she spearheaded the Public Financial Management Coordination, the strategic reorganization of the Ministry of Finance and Planning, enterprise risk management and was Head of the GoJ Fiscal Administration Modernization Programme.  These initiatives were all critical elements of the Economic Reform Programme entered into between the IMF and the GOJ.

At the international level, she has developed a UNDP-led comprehensive Justice and Security Programme for Jamaica and managed a public private partnership with the UN-LIREC, UNDP and GoJ that trained over 100 Law Enforcement Officers in the control of illegal trade and trafficking in firearms, ammunition and explosives.

Her passions are driven by her desire to help people with extraordinary needs in vulnerable positions. The education component of her life led to her working with children in difficult circumstances; she dealt with street children which took her into vulnerable populations and communities where the focus was on special-needs children with emotional problems. Ms. McIntosh has used her travelling experiences and exposure to a multiplicity of cultures to infuse her work. Stemming from a tour of Brazil, she developed the Learning for Earning Activity Programme (LEAP) in 2005, which provided positive intervention into the lives of street children in Jamaica, especially boys.

These experiences prepared her for her later role as Consultant with a number of international and local organizations, including the United Nations International Drug Control, the Canadian Save the Children Fund, the British Overseas Development Agency/ Kingston Restoration Company, and the Child Support Unit of the Ministry of Local Government, Youth and Development.

Ms. McIntosh can best be described as a Management Executive with a proven record of achievement and accomplishment in Project management, administration for international, public and private organizations. She has developed and/or reorganized, operations, projects and programmes in diverse areas of Community Development, including: Drug Control, Peace and Violence Prevention, Strategic Planning and Analysis, Education & Training, General Administration, Project Development and Urban Development.

Ms. McIntosh is also zealous about the preservation of Jamaica’s culture and engaging with her community. She regularly visits the Maroon Community of Charles Town to listen to the drumming and watch the children dance. She holds a Masters of Philosophy in Sociology from the University of Hong Kong, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Special Education from Eastern Michigan University. Ms. McIntosh lists her special skills as Intermediate Spanish and Shotokan Karate.

She has a number of publications to her credit including:

  • “Brazil- An Alternative Approach to Education and Community Integration” Report and Resource Materials
  • UNDCP “ Focus on Drugs” (Caribbean Regional Office)
  • UNDCP “Eastern Horizons”( South East Asia Office)
  • University of Hong Kong, “Soft Boys to Bad Men”, Expressions of masculinity in adolescent boys from communities marginalized by drugs and guns, Crime and Its Greater Control in China, 2004.

Ms. McIntosh describes herself as a change maker, transformational leader and a firm believer in using knowledge to connect the dots to help make the resources of the country more meaningful to people in Jamaica and it is this energy that she brings to handling her portfolio as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Security.