Page 10 - Copy of MNS Strategic Business Plan (Digital Version)
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        The  Ministry  of  National  Security  has  a  mandate  to  facilitate  the

        maintenance  of  law  and  order,  protect  Jamaica  against  internal  and
        external  threats,  ensure  the  safety  of  Jamaica's  borders,  and  punish  and

        rehabilitate offenders. This Strategic Business Plan will highlight the broad
        strategies  to  be  undertaken  by  the  Ministry  over  the  medium  term.  These

        strategies are as critical to the Ministry’s medium-term agenda as they are to
        the success of the country’s overall economic growth and development.

        The  United  Nations  Sustainable  Development  Goals  (UNSDGs),  particularly
        goals 5, 10, 11 and 16 as well as Jamaica’s National Development Plan, also

        known  as  Vision  2030,  serve  as  the  central  frame  of  reference  for  the
        Ministry’s efforts. The Ministry’s policies, programmes and projects are also

        guided by the Medium-Term Socio-Economic Framework (MTF). These three
        function  in  tandem  to  undergird  and  drive  the  Ministry’s  thrust  towards  a

        secure, cohesive and just society (National Goal Number 2), as well as to add
        impetus to the attainment of the Government of Jamaica Strategic Priority:

        Rule of Law and Timely Justice Outcomes.

       The  Ministry  has  oversight  responsibility  for  ten  (10)  portfolio  entities
       (Departments  and  Agencies),  including  the  Department  of  Correctional

       Services (DCS), the Institute of Forensic Science and Legal Medicine (IFSLM),
       the  Jamaica  Constabulary  Force  (JCF),  the  Jamaica  Combined  Cadet  Force
       (JCCF), and the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA).

       The Ministry’s oversight responsibility also includes an Executive Agency: The
       Passport  Immigration  and  Citizenship  Agency  (PICA),  as  well  as  four  (4)

       Public  Bodies:  The  Firearm  Licensing  Authority  (FLA),  the  Police  Civilian
       Oversight Authority (PCOA), the Private Security Regulation Authority (PSRA)

       and the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) for which the Ministry serves as a proxy
       ministerial home.

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