Page 5 - Copy of MNS Strategic Business Plan (Digital Version)
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                                                   The Ministry of National Security continues to
                                                   deliver  on  its  promise  of  service  excellence

                                                   and  with  its  Strategic  Business  Plan  for  the
                                                   period  2022/2023  –  2025/2026.  During  this

                                                   period, the Ministry will continually focus on a
                                                   number of priority areas including social and
                                                   infrastructural         investments          as     well     as

                                                   legislative        changes          that        take       into
                                                   consideration the Department of Correctional

                                                   Services  (DCS),  the  Jamaica  Combined  Cadet
                                                   Force (JCCF), and the Private Security

        Security  Regulation  Authority  (PSRA),  which  are  integral  to  the  national
        security architecture.

        In  the  past  two  years,  the  covid-19  pandemic  has  heavy-handedly  imposed

        financial constraints that have thwarted plans for national development and
        technology  investments.  Nonetheless,  with  the  guidance  of  Deputy  Prime

        Minister  and  Minister  of  National  Security,  the  Hon.  Dr.  Horace  Chang,  we
        remain resolute to our mission of improving national security; wielding the
        power the office holds to ensure our collective efforts and resources remain

        pooled  in  combating  and  defying  the  mounting  challenges  in  the  security
        landscape coupled with those presented by the pandemic.

        In a bid to help mould a Jamaican society that is secure, cohesive and just,
        my  office  will  be  looking  into  strategies  that  best  revamp  the  legal

        framework and programmes that drive the rehabilitation process within the
        DCS. This is to foster a holistic transformation of the population within our

        care  with  the  aim  of  creating  reformed  citizens,  while  reducing  the
        recidivism rate.

        Other  priorities  and  plans  for  the  DCS  is  centred  on  specific  targets  that

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