Liv Gud

‘Liv Gud’

  • ‘Liv Gud’ is the national anti-violence campaign and the overarching message of the Ministry of National Security.
  • ‘Liv Gud’ was first introduced to the public via a below-ground, guerilla marketing strategy (at this juncture there was no affiliation between the Ministry and the campaign).


  • The campaign seeks to promulgate a culture of respect for each other, the sanctity of life, law and public order.


  • It will take the form of intensive and extensive community engagement initiatives, geared towards disrupting criminal activity, restoring public order and public safety, while encouraging social responsibility of each and every Jamaican citizen.

What has ‘Liv Gud’ done?

  • For the past 10 months, ‘Liv Gud’ has seen the creation of four murals across the country: South Camp Road (Kingston), Glenmuir Road (Clarendon), Prison Oval, Spanish Town (St. Catherine) and the most recent community creation was done at Saunders Lane, off Mountain View Avenue (Kingston). During this period, the ‘Liv Gud’ street team engaged the public and distributed ‘Liv Gud’ paraphernalia.
  • A ‘Liv Gud’ animation is running on LED billboards on Knutsford Boulevard by Emancipation Park, Cross Roads, and the Queens Drive intersection in Montego Bay.
  • Two (2) sixty-second commercials and three (3) vox pops have also been produced for both mainstream and social media, coupled with a ten-second time signal that runs during the midday news on TVJ.
  • Five (5) full-page coloured advertisements were also inserted in print media: Gleaner, Observer and Star.

Way forward:

  • ‘Liv Gud’ will go above-ground.
  • The official launch of ‘Liv Gud’ will boast all of its promos with the MNS’ signage.
  • The launch of ‘Liv Gud’ will take place in the community of Top Range, Mountain View, at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, September 13, 2019.