The Firearm Licensing Authority

The Firearm Licensing Authority

The Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) was established in 2005 by an Act of Parliament as a statutory organization within the Ministry of National Security. The FLA is responsible for standardizing the process for the granting, renewal and revocation of firearm licences. This serves to modernize and regulate the licensing of firearms in Jamaica in keeping with worldwide standards. The Firearm Licensing Authority will also act as a centralized administrative body and database repository. Attorney at Law, Shane Dalling is the CEO of the FLA.

The functions of the FLA include:

  • Implementing a transparent and accountable system for the issue of Firearm Licenses.
  • Ensuring proper and standardized Training Certification in the Safe Use and Care of firearms. 
  • Developing and maintaining a modern computerized Ballistic Identification Database
  • Finally the Police Force and its specialized divisions will still have vital and important investigative, monitoring and enforcement roles.

FLA’s mission and vision

FLA’s mission is to provide an environment of transparency and integrity in the regulation of firearms and ammunition used by Jamaican Residents.

FLA’s vision is to enjoy public confidence through consistently superior professionalism, integrity and customer satisfaction.


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