Caribbean Regional Drug Law Enforcement Training Centre - REDTRAC

Caribbean Regional Drug Law Enforcement Training Centre - REDTRAC

What is REDTRAC?

In May of 1995, the Government of Jamaica and the United Nations International Drug Control Programme (UNDCP) signed a project for the establishment of a Regional Drug Training Centre (REDTRAC) to serve the needs of the eighteen English-speaking countries of the Caribbean. The Centre was officially opened on the 27th September, 1996 as The Caribbean Regional Drug Law Enforcement Training Centre but the original acronym (REDTRAC) still persists.  REDTRAC’s Director/Principal is Major George Benson.

REDTRAC’s Mission

The mission of the Regional Drug Law Enforcement Training Centre is to develop and deliver training courses to meet the needs of law enforcement, drug-control, border-control and financial-control Agencies across the English-speaking Caribbean.

REDTRAC’s Vision

To be the premier law enforcement training institution in the Caribbean delivering tailored training solutions to build capacities and satisfy the needs of the Community of Practice served.

REDTRAC’s reason for being

Operating as a Division of the Ministry of National Security (MNS), REDTRAC is a Post-Secondary, special-focus training institution and a regional training hub. As a training institution REDTRAC strives to enhance the potential of each participating country to reach its respective national drug control objectives in the area of drug law enforcement operations. REDTRAC exists to fulfill the following objectives:                                 

  • To Strengthen national and regional anti-narcotic law enforcement capabilities and efforts of the participating countries
  • To Reduce dependence on third countries for training
  • To Increase cost effectiveness in satisfying the training needs of participating countries
  • To Improve the relationship between Caribbean drug law enforcement agencies
  • To Enhance co-operation and the promotion of a common drug law enforcement programme in the participating countries.

REDTRAC serves a special ‘Community of Practice’ comprising: Police Services, Customs Departments, Military Forces, Immigration, Port Authority, Port Security and other Agencies that provide direct or indirect support to the afore-mentioned entities. These include Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs) such as Financial Investigation Departments, Revenue Protection Units, Special Anti-Crime/Anti-Drug Units, members of the judiciary, et. al., from across the English-speaking Caribbean.


Through its continuing training programmes REDTRAC continues to assist with the strengthening of national and regional capacities to address sophisticated criminal threats. Guided by its motto: “Enhancing Knowledge, Strengthening Capacity”, REDTRAC contributes to the development of the human capital by enhancing the capabilities of operational personnel on the ground. Improved law enforcement operations on the ground translate to greater successes by law enforcement and related agencies. Such operational successes, locally and regionally, are in part, attributable to the courses offered by REDTRAC.


A fully self-contained, residential facility, REDTRAC is located on the compound of the Police Training Complex at Twickenham Park in Spanish Town.

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