Access to Information


The Ministry of National Security has implemented the Access to Information Act (2002) since 2004.  The Act was established to ensure public participation in governance; government is accountable and operates transparently.  It gives the general public right of access to documents that are non-exempt within the custody of a public authority.


To obtain Documents:

One must make an application to the Ministry of National Security by writing, facsimile, e-mail or telephone, clearly stating the documents requested.  If possible, all the information about the document requested should be given to make the process easier.
Each application should bear the name of the Applicant, a contact number or an email address; 



Materials classified as exempt will be identified as such; the Applicant will be informed of the document’s status and an exemption certificate issued.  The following exemptions are relevant to the Ministry of National Security:

S. 6. C. the security or intelligence services in relation to their strategic or operational intelligence gathering activities;

S.8In subsection (6) "security or intelligence services" means—

(a)     the Jamaica Constabulary Force;

(b)     the Island Special Constabulary Force;

(c)     the Rural Police;

(d)    the Jamaica Defence Force.

S.14.Official documents are exempt from disclosure if—

S.15.—(1) An official document is exempt from disclosure if it is a Cabinet document,

S.16. Official documents relating to law enforcement.

S.17. An official document is exempt from disclosure if— it affects legal proceedings

S.19.—(1) Subject to subsection (3), an official document is exempt from disclosure if it contains— opinions, advice or recommendations

S.22.—(1) Subject to the provisions of this section, a public authority shall not grant access to an official document if it would involve the unreasonable disclosure of information relating to the personal affairs of any person, whether living or dead.


 Release of Exempt Materials

Exempt materials may be released:

1.      By an order from the Minister with responsibility for information or

2.      After expiration of 20 years after the creation of the document or such longer time specified by an order from the Minister.

3.      After being declared non-exempt by way of a tribunal hearing, material defined as exempt is released for public viewing.

Contact : email

            Straight line              876-619-6001

            Fax:                          876 968 7410

            Switch board            876 906 4908-22 ext 2351


Access to Information Act 2002 

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Access to Information Regulations

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