Government of Jamaica

Departments and Agencies

The Ministry of National Security comprises divisions; departments; agencies and projects which are focused on specific area(s) externally funded.


1.      The Policy Directorate

a)        Crime Prevention & Community Safety

This unit ensures that the Ministry’s strategic objectives are securely represented in its crime prevention and community safety programmes and activities.  Its main purpose is to devise policies, programmes and strategies that will contribute to the reduction of crimes and improve general community safety in target areas.  The unit should also provide analyses and evaluation of programmes with a view to determining efficiency and assessing effectiveness.

b)        Protective Security

This unit processes applications for restricted and banned items permits, entry of non-commercial ships into Jamaica’s territorial waters, and coordinates the security vetting procedure for prospective employees within the Ministry.  The Protective Security Unit also assists in formulating policy regarding issues pertaining to drug, small arms, human trafficking, border security, ports security, aerodrome and airport security.

c)        Research and Evaluation

The unit should provide evaluation and research support for the Ministry’s policy programmes and activities.  It should inform the development of policies and programmes which support the Ministry’s primary objectives and also evaluate the performance of those policies.

d)        Offender Management

The Offender Management Unit operates in tandem with the Department of Correctional Services to manage and institute programmes and policies which will facilitate and enhance the rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders into society and also their safe custodial care.  The unit provides guidance to the Minister and conducts periodic evaluations of its programmes.

e)        Border Security and Control

The Border Security Unit manages and oversees all policies, programmes and activities that impact on the control of security measures for our Jamaican borders.  It provides policy direction and assessments and facilitates the implementation of activities at the national level.

f)         International Relations Coordination

The Unit coordinates activities, programmes and policies that have a bearing on the international or regional community as far as national security matters are concerned.  The Unit ensures that relevant communiqués involving external stakeholders are disseminated in a timely fashion and coordinated to standard.

g)        Organized Crime and Defence

The Organized Crime and Defence Unit provides the Ministry with policy guidance and support in terms of managing decisions, issues and activities around regional and international security and related issued such as terrorism, small arms and human trafficking and their bearing on the national security agenda of the country.


2.      Corporate Services Division

a)        Human Resource Management and Administration

The broad aims of this Division are to develop, consolidate and use effectively the talent, skills and experience of staff members to meet the needs of the internal and external customers of the Ministry of National Security; to increase the level of performance and enhance the professional development of employees; the Division also provides service and support to the departments for human resource administrative management, information management, documentation and technology systems.

b)        Public Affairs and Communication

The Unit devises programmes and activities that will communicate the Ministry’s focus and objectives to the public and the media with a view to enhancing trust and cooperation of the public for national security issues facing the country.  The PAC Unit should also manage a communication strategy that supports the Ministry’s policy areas as well as the Departments and Agencies. The Unit also maintains all internal and external communication activities and devises the communication protocol for the Ministry.

c)        Information Technology and Systems

The Information Technology Systems Unit manages the Ministry’s internal information and communication system and network requirements by supporting the maintenance of efficient technological systems within and across the Ministry.  The Unit ensures that adequate measures are employed to secure optimal information technology and systems efficiency within the Ministry while giving support to the wider portfolio.

d)     Facilities Management

This team is responsible for ensuring that buildings and facilities under the purview of the Ministry is properly administered and maintained to provide suitable accommodation for staff.


3.      Internal Audit

The objective of the Internal Audit Unit is to determine adequacy and reliability of accounting and managerial control systems within the Ministry and to make recommendations for improvement.  The Unit also identifies risks management issues and develops audit standards for the Ministry.  Information and records generated within the Ministry of National Security are safeguarded and monitored during the audit process and measures are put in place to prevent errors or reduce waste where detected.  The Unit is guided by the regulations of the Financial Administration and Audit Act (FAA Act).


4.       Planning and Finance

This Division comprises the Corporate Planning, Finance and Budgeting Units.  Its main objectives are to ensure integrated planning and budgeting procedures that support the Ministry’s strategic objectives, timely and efficient payments for goods and services and collection and receipts of monies.  It is responsible for delivering, monitoring and evaluating the performance of the Ministry’s corporate and operational plans and budget.  It conducts regular monitoring of expenditures and incomes according to the plans and objectives against the resource capacity.  The Division therefore supports the achievement of overall strategic development of the Ministry.


Modernization Initiatives  and Special Projects

This Division oversees the specially funded projects on behalf of the Ministry that span large cross-departmental areas.  It ensures that projects are conducted and completed in a timely manner and according to standards and reflects the strategic objectives of the Ministry.


Strategic Evaluation Centre

The Strategic Evaluation Centre conducts strategic security operations on behalf of the Minister or other departments within the Ministry.


 7.     The Justice Protection Programme

The Programme/Unit is a covert operation managed by the Ministry.  Its main objective is to enlist legitimate witnesses of major crimes whose safety and security is at risk.  The Programme seeks to offer protection for these witnesses and provide support for the functioning of the wider criminal justice system.


Departments and Agencies

Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF)

The Force is that arm of the Ministry which is responsible for the maintenance of law and order, the prevention and detection of crime, the investigation of alleged crimes,  the protection of life and property, and the enforcement of all criminal laws as defined by the Jamaican jurisdiction.  The JCF also provides general assistance to the public as the case may arise.  By adhering to their Citizens Charter, the JCF endeavours to satisfy citizens through general service as well as through the impartial, transparent enforcement of law and order.

Jamaica Defence Force (JDF)

The Jamaica Defence Force is constituted under the provisions of Section 4 of the Defence Act. The Defence Act has charged the JDF with the defence and protection from external forces or threat to the sovereignty of Jamaica.  The JDF also supports the maintenance of order in Jamaica as well as any other duties as may from time to time be defined by the Defence Board.  The Defence Board is subjected to the general authority of the Prime Minister who has Ministerial responsibility for defence matters of the land including command, discipline and administration.  The Chief of Staff has overall responsibility for the operations and administration of the Force.

Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA)

PICA serves to monitor and regulate the entry and exit of all persons entering or exiting the Jamaican shores.  They provide passports to Jamaican citizens; process applications for citizenship and ensure adherence to the Immigration, Passport and Jamaica Nationality Act.  The primary functions of the agency are to:

1)     Monitor the activities of non-Jamaicans;

2)     Investigate Immigrants who are in breach of the Immigration or Aliens Act and

3)     Monitor deportation cases.


The Department of Correctional Services (DCS)

The core function of the DCS is to manage offenders within both non-custodial and custodial programmes, ensuring their rehabilitation and reintegration into society upon their release. The Department is comprised of seven (7) Adult Correctional Centres, one (1) Adult Remand Centre, four (4) Juvenile Centres, and seventeen (17) Community Service Offices (Probation Offices) who are all under the directorship of the Department’s Chief Executive Officer, the Commissioner of Corrections.


Private Security Regulation Authority (PSRA)

The PSRA manages monitors and regulates the Private Security Industry through the monitoring of registration processes for armed Private Security Guards, considering applications for registration and renewal of licenses under the direction of the Private Security Act. The institution also monitors the operations of Private Security Organizations and makes enquires and collects information as it may think necessary or desirable for the purpose of carrying out its functions.


Caribbean, Regional Drug Law Enforcement Training Centre (REDTRAC) 


This Centre has direct responsibility for training professionals in drug law enforcement, knowledge and skills for eighteen (18) English speaking countries within the Caribbean Region.  REDTRAC provides training for groups including the Island Special Constabulary Force (ISCF), the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) and PICA among others.  Its regional partners include the Caribbean Anti Narcotics Unit, the Counter Drug Task Force (Trinidad & Tobago), the Financial Investigation Units, Coast Guards Departments, Port Security Corps and Regional Police Forces.

The Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA)

The FLA has responsibility for monitoring and regulating the issuance of firearms licence and conducting the relevant investigative checks where necessary.  The Authority conducts regular audits and security reviews of gun clubs, private security companies, shooting facilities, licenced firearm holders and their firearms and ensures public confidence in the integrity of systems and procedures utilized in the granting and renewal of firearm licences.


Correctional Services Production Company (COSPROD)

The Correctional Services Production Company liaises with the Department of Correctional Services in providing rehabilitative programmes and activities for offenders while enhancing their productive capacities in areas such as skilled work and agriculture. 



Citizen Security & Justice Programme (CSJP)

The overall goal of the Programme is to enhance citizen security and justice in Jamaica. The principal objectives are to prevent and reduce crime and violence; strengthen crime management capabilities and improve the delivery of judicial services.