Page 2 - Copy of MNS Strategic Business Plan (Digital Version)
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                                                The  Ministry  of  National  Security’s  Strategic
                                                Business Plan 2022/2023 – 2025/2026 juxtaposes

                                                the       Ministry’s        achievements            with        the
                                                improvement  work  that  needs  to  be  done  to

                                                establish  the  Ministry  of  National  Security
                                                Jamaica  as  the  model  of  national  security

                                                excellence in the Caribbean region. As this work
                                                advances,         improved         institutional        capacity,

                                                modernized            and      strengthened           legislative
                                                framework,            Ministry-wide            adoption           of
                                                performance            planning         and      management

                                                mechanisms, bilateral and multilateral

      mechanisms,  bilateral  and  multilateral  agreements  that  facilitate  security
      cooperation, and strengthened intelligence gathering and forensic capabilities,

      are  among  the  critical  developments  that  will  undergird  our  move  towards
      reformed law enforcement systems.

     The Ministry has adopted three (3) priority policy areas that emphasize the key
     outcomes  being  pursued  over  the  medium-term,  namely:  1)  improved  public
     order,  2)  improved  public  safety;  and  3)  reduction  in  crime  and  violence.  The

     ultimate objective is to detain violence producers and dismantle and degrade
     criminal gangs as they present a clear and present danger to our people and

     our communities.

     The Ministry’s strategic positioning factors the integrated and coordinated work
     of the ten (10) agencies that comprise Jamaica’s national security architecture,

     and forms the backbone of Jamaica’s security and public safety. Their programs
     and initiatives secure our borders, our cyber and telecommunication networks,

     our businesses, communities, and our families. The overall success of national
     security  is  contingent  on  the  collective  and  coordinated  effort  of  the  entire

     national security architecture.

     Even  as  the  central  Ministry  coordinates  national  security  policy,  legislation,
     project  implementation,  budget,  and  provides  administrative  support  to  the
     Jamaica Defence Force (JDF), this work is being carried out within a context of

     heightened criminal and interpersonal violence in the society.

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