Page 6 - Copy of MNS Strategic Business Plan (Digital Version)
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             Completing planning for a forensic psychiatric facility and an infirmary for
             mentally ill and bed-ridden inmates;

             Fast-track  the  development  of  a  new  prison  with  approximately  5000

             Strengthening  partnerships  with  local  and  international  stakeholders  to
             include: Stand Up for Jamaica, Office of the Public Defender, Missionaries

             of  the  Poor,  UK  Commission  through  Foreign  Commonwealth  &
             Development  Office  (FCDO)  formerly  Department  for  International
             Development (DFID), USAID among others; and

             Advancing the rehabilitation activities in the DCS to include educational
             and vocational programmes and redevelop spaces.

        Undoubtedly,  the  PSRA  is  an  essential  regulatory  body  within  the  national
        security architecture. Based on its records, the Private Security Industry (PSI)

        employs  over  24,000  individuals  who  serve  to  protect  property  and  lives.
        There  has  been  a  growing  concern  island-wide  over  their  classification  as

        contractors or employees to the companies they work for which determines
        their compensation, and so we will be working on improving the legislation
        in  this  ambit  to  address  this  and  similar  concerns.  Their  value  to  national

        security  is  without  question,  and  there  are  indeed  significantly  greater
        benefits  that  can  be  yielded  over  time  with  legislative  adjustments  and

        technological investments. The Ministry is currently reviewing the PSRA Act
        with a view to better manage the industry as a whole in consultation with all


        As for the JCCF, with a revision of the JCCF Act, we hope to expand the cadet

        corps  across  schools  in  collaboration  with  the  Ministry  of  Education,  Youth
        and Information.The JCCF serves as a feeder for the Jamaica National Service

        Corps and the Jamaica Defence Force and we laud the over 104 cadet units
        established across the island and commend the instructors who continue to

        go above and beyond the call, despite not receiving salaries over the years.

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