Page 8 - Copy of MNS Strategic Business Plan (Digital Version)
P. 8


                                                    The  Ministry  of  National  Security  remains
                                                    resolute in its quest to ensure the safety and
                                                    security  of  all  citizens.  In  this  vein,  the

                                                    Ministry  continues  to  make  steady  progress
                                                    toward        actualizing        its    Priority       Policy

                                                    Objectives: Improved Public Order, Improved
                                                    Public  Safety  and  Reduction  in  Crime  and
                                                    Violence.  Achievement  of  these  objectives  is

                                                    underpinned           by      a     robust        legislative
                                                    framework,  sound  and  credible  security

                                                    policies, leveraging existing and emerging

        technological  innovations,  alongside  a  highly-motivated  and  rightly-
        equipped workforce.

        Against  this  backdrop,  the  Ministry  is  prioritizing  improvements  to  the
        legislative  capacities  backed  by  more  comprehensive  policy  designs  to

        foster  greater  respect  for  and  compliance  to  the  rule  of  law.  With
        amendments to existing - and the introduction of new - legislation, we will

        increase  fines  and  custodial  sentences  for  those  whose  actions  contravene
        the  law.  In  this  regard,  the  recent  passage  of  the  Criminal  Justice
        (Suppression  of  Criminal  Organizations)  Act,  2014  (Anti-Gang  Act)  and  the

        Trafficking        in    Persons        (Prevention,        Suppression          and      Punishment)
        (Amendment)  Act  are  avid  examples  of  our  unwavering  commitment  to

        protect the people of Jamaica. Additionally, amendments to the Corrections
        Act are expected before the end of 2021. Work is also far advanced toward

        repealing and replacing the Firearms Act. Notably, the Ministry continues to
        take  sizeable  steps  to  enhance  the  policy  framework,  including  ongoing

        efforts to develop an Offender Management Policy, a National Visa Policy as
        well as a Border Security Policy and Strategy.

        In a bid to further our vision and mission, I must underscore the importance

        of  pooling  our  resources  and  collective  strengths  to  anchor  our  shared
        commitment to national security, public order and public safety.

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