Page 9 - Copy of MNS Strategic Business Plan (Digital Version)
P. 9


        Leveraging  available  skillsets  within  the  Ministry  and  its  Departments  and
        Agencies  will  minimize  policy  and  operational  gaps.  This  collaborative
        approach  is  paramount  in  our  quest  to  intensify  social  investment,

        strengthen  risk  management  and  ensure  the  Ministry  remains  agile,
        proactive  and  responsive  to  the  reasonable  demands  of  the  citizens.

        Moreover, it will promote legislative consistency and programme coherence,
        as well as enhance budgetary prudence.

        Improved public order, public safety and peaceful communities are macro-
        critical  within  the  Jamaican  context.  Relatedly,  the  Ministry’s  current  and

        planned  strategic  actions  will  contribute  meaningfully  to  making  ‘Jamaica,
        the place of choice to live, work, raise families and do business’.

       As  the  Ministry  actions  this  Strategic  Business  Plan,  I  call  for  greater

       resilience,  accountability  and  compliance  with  the  requisite  legislation,
       regulations, guidelines and operational procedures. I also call on us to take
       full ownership of our policies, programmes, operations and adherence to our

       own targets. To this end, I reiterate the importance of redoubling our efforts
       to better leverage technology, develop human capacity and strengthen our

       risk  mitigation  strategy.  This  will  bolster  the  Ministry’s  capacity  to  respond
       strategically to existing and emerging threats to national security. In this vein,

       I remain confident that we are poised to be the model of National Security
       excellence in the Caribbean region.

      Mr Courtney Williams
      Permanent Secretary

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